National Soft Pretzel Day

Today, National Soft Pretzel Day, America celebrates its favorite twisted food. This day-long tribute allows foodies to celebrate the doughy snack. In 610 A.D., an Italian monk formed leftover dough to represent a child's arms folded in prayer. It was called the 'pretiola,' Latin for 'little reward.' Over time, the idea evolved into the 'pretzel,' which today satisfies the kid in everyone with endless sweet and savory varieties.{}{} {}Pretzel products are available in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes.{} So there are many different options to celebrate all month.{} April is National Soft Pretzel Month.Here's a few fun facts about pretzels:*{} Pretzels without salt are called baldies. *{} Historically, pretzels have been known for good fortune.*{} In the early 1800s, German children tied pretzels on a string around their necks at the beginning of a new year for prosperity, health and good fortune. *{} In the 17th century, pretzels were known as a marriage knot.{} During the wedding ceremony, the couple getting married would wish upon a pretzel and break it just as we do the turkey wishbone.{} They then ate it to signify their oneness.{} There are also accounts of the parents of the bride and groom twisting a pretzel knot as a symbol of the joining of the two families.{}