Nations Outfitters

Have you ever wanted to change the world? A lot of us dream about what we could do here at home or in foreign lands to help make life better. But a lot of those dreams are just that... Dreams...

That's why I'm so proud of Lisa Ann Muir-Taylor, she not only dreamed the dream, she acted on it.... She says she was called by God to start a clothing company for teens after she heard the eulogy for Bronner Burgess by his father Rick Burgess. He talked about how 90 percent of Christians don't act on their faith. She responded to that call for action. She remembers how a tiny piece of paper changed her life 20 years ago. It was the Bible verse that read, "He will never leave you nor forsake you." She says she wanted to know more about this person who cared that much about her. That launched a life long journey and faith for Lisa Ann. Now she is up to her elbows in fabric. She picks out the fabrics, designs the clothes for young men and women and then orchestrates how they will be put together in a U.S. Manufacturing plant. Her basement is filled with packages of dresses, skirts and shirts. That's where the on-line orders coming in from all over the country are filled. In each garment, an encouraging Bible verse is written. On the boys polo style shirts, is a descending Dove. The Nations Outfitters website ( features young people doing great things in the community and around the world. She is encouraging beauty from within, by doing good things for others. Teens are encouraged to send in pictures of their missions or philanthropies. Lisa Ann says she has seen the fashion industry pressure young girls to dress in an unmodest style. But she says she hopes her new line of clothes will offer a refreshing and encouraging alternative.