Nativity scenes and lights make the season bright!


Are your lights up? Is your tree up and decorated? How about those presents? Have you even begun to shop?

I am usually the one that has good intentions each year, but also end up shopping on Christmas Eve.

One year, just one year, I'd like to be that person who has all their shopping done in the summer and just go to the mall to watch everyone rush around trying to get last minute gifts. But despite good intentions each year... I am soaking in the shopping experience up till the last minute.

This year I am a little ahead of the game... The outside lights are up thanks to my 13 year old who took on the project this year with just a little help from mom. As I watched this sweet young man, I saw my father in his eyes. I saw the same excitement of the season, the same love of Christ. He had the same child like wonder of how to make the lights look magical. He also had a little bit of Clark Griswold look about him. He had big plans. We shopped for the lights and he picked out the biggest set in the store, complete with streaming icicles.

First his plan included climbing onto the roof. But I took a test run out on the roof only to find out the pitch seemed too steep and a bit dangerous. So we decided a ladder from the ground would be the right approach. Thanks to our neighbor Paul who always has just the tools we need for just about any project. He had the tall ladder that would help him reach the heights... he set as his goal.

What he thought would be a ten or twenty minute project turned into a couple of hours. The sun set... But he was still busy creating, stapling and fixing.

In the end... The lights were magical.

My Dad God rest his soul, is looking down no doubt and smiling at a job well done.

God Bless you and Merry Christmas!