Nearly 14,000 Alabamians waiting on state tax refunds

Nearly 14,000 Alabamians are still waiting to get overdue tax refunds. Alabama's Revenue Commissioner blames the delay on a computer system designed to catch thieves.

The delay is a bad thing for some taxpayers, but state leaders believe the delay is worth it. The new computer system detects identity theft and fraud. One taxpayer understands, but thinks workers at the Department of Revenue need to pick-up the pace.

Shandrekia Monroe has waited months to get her money.

"It's been so long I kind of forgot about it now," added Monroe.

She paid Uncle Sam and the state of Alabama the day she got her W-2s. Monroe is one of more than 13,000 people waiting on a tax refund from the state. Alabama's Department of Revenue Commissioner estimates her department owes taxpayers nearly $20M.

"I don't feel it's right. I even called. They're telling me they will send me something through the mail. I still haven't received a check," added Monroe.

The commissioner told ABC 33/40 there is a chance Monroe, and others waiting on a tax refund, could get 3% interest from the state.

Law requires interest be added to any refund not issued within 90 days of the tax deadline. The revenue commissioner could not give an amount of the interest she expects her department to pay taxpayers. She said it's based on individual returns and if the forms were filled out properly.