Negotiations underway in school separation


Pelham's Interim School Superintendent, Dr. Tim Alford, says representatives for the new district and for Shelby County are working closely to hash out the terms of their separation.{}"We want to be expeditious but judicious," said Alford. "Everybody pledged to make a good faith effort and we'll be doing that in the good spirit to work these things out."Both sides have already met and will meet again in the coming days to address concerns. Some of the concerns include the issue of buses, fiances, and what will happen to those students who live in Pelham but now attend school in Chelsea.{}Pelham leaders met with a small group of the parents of those students earlier in the month to better understand what the parents want to happen.{}"Exactly when we will reach a resolution on that one I couldn't say but certainly that's an important issue on that list and we want to get to a resolution for everybody," said Alford.{}Even as negotiations continue, the Pelham City School District is taking shape. The district has a new logo thanks to Jake Nelson, 16. The Pelham High School Sophomore designed the logo with the face of a panther and three rings is meant to symbolize unity and a new beginning.{}"Its pretty exciting that I've kind of left my mark on the school. I was raised in Pelham, so I thought I might as well give something back to the community," said Nelson.{}The district is also on the hunt for a permanent superintendent. There have been a few inquires but the job has yet to be officially posted."They will accept applications based on experience and qualifications. They will probably narrow the field a little bit," said Alford.{}{} {} {}{}Everyone involved admits a lot must be worked out before the July deadline, but they're committed because the stakes are high and the children are what its ultimately all about.{}"As long as nothing drastic really changes other than us becoming our own school system, I'm kinda of excited," said Nelson{}