Neighbors helping neighbors in Kimberly after the storms

Stories of survival and neighbors helping neighbors continue to emerge from communities hit in Monday's storms. One of those communities is Kimberly where the fire station, a church, and dozens of homes are destroyed. "my legs were in the air," Robin Welshans, who lives in Kimberly said. "I was holding onto my son. He was holding on to me. We are grateful to be alive. Very grateful."Robin Welshans spent the day searching for anything she could save from her home."We've totally lost our home but we have each other," Welshans said. "The structure isn't what makes the home or family, it's the people."But clearing this storm damage isn't the only battle. Robin is also fighting cancer."Hopefully something good will come out of all of it, she said. "It already has for a lot of us, it's been a blessing, really.""How has it been a blessing?" we asked."Because you still realize there are still good people in the world," Welshans said.Her neighbor Phyllis Brown has damage of her own."It's ten years old but it's my baby to me," Phyllis Brown, who lives in Kimberly said.A tree toppled on her car. But it's seeing the damage to her friend's homes that she says breaks her heart."It's heart wrenching," Brown said. "It touches your heart because all of these people are wonderful friends. To see their trailers and their lives interrupted - it's sad."{}Behind the neighborhood at the Kimberly Church of God, we found a woman searching for pieces of the broken stained glass.{}"I wanted to come and collect pieces of the stained glass from the windows that were here," Melinda Porter, a church member said. "My husband is a wood worker. He's going to build me a cross frame and I'm going to insert the colored glass into the center as a memorial from our church because I grew up here, got married here years ago."{}Just like the shattered pieces of glass - she says Kimberly will soon be put back together. {}"I wanted to come pick up pieces of the shattered glass to use to show that out of the rubble, there can be something {}beautiful and something good made of it," Porter said.{}