Neighbors react to a video threatening police filmed on their street

A video made by gang members catches the attention of Birmingham Police. {}Police say that members of "Goons Taking Over" or G.T.O. made a video, threatening to kill officers. It has neighbors concerned for their community. {}The three minute video uses expletives and threats - glorifying killing a police officer. {}It was shot on Oakwood Street in Center Point. {}We went there and showed them the video. Neighbors were shocked. People on Oakwood Street told us they know illegal activity happens nearby, but they had no idea this video was shot just down the road. {}"I'm so afraid to let them walk out here on the bus stop," Cassie Grayson, who lives on Oakwood Street said about her children."Where are their parents," Rebecca Mitchell, who lives nearby said. "It doesn't make no sense. Society is starting to accept anything.""It just scares me terribly," another neighbor - who didn't want us to use her name said. "It breaks my heart too that kids can feel so much anger."The video memorializes Devante Hinds. He was shot by authorities who say he tried to assault a deputy. The GTO gang originates from an Eastern Birmingham high school. Its members are linked to drug deals, robberies and car break ins."Officers deal with these attitudes and mentalities on a sometimes day to day basis," Lt. Sean Edwards, Birmingham Police said. "What it does though - it makes us aware."Lt Edwards says while the video is certainly offensive and threatens officers - by putting their faces on the video, gang members are helping police find them."We appreciate them," Lt. Edwards said. "They have made themselves social media stars. We like the fact that they've showed us who they are and where they live."