Neighbors say the Alabaster plane crash was a close call


A single engine plane went down on 10th Street Southwest in the "Thompson Plantation" neighborhood around 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully no homes were damaged and the pilot walked away with non life- threatening injuries. Neighbors say it was a miracle."My initial thought? I was scared," Alabaster Police Chief, Curtis Rigney said. "I was worried. I was afraid when we showed up we would have multiple fatalities. Possibly houses on fire."The call went out about 2:00 when police arrived, they learned no homes were damaged and no one but the pilot injured. His plane crashed in this backyard."That shocked me," one neighbor said. "I was really surprised to hear he was able to walk away.""We are very fortunate it didn't crash into a house," Rigney said. "Here on a holiday most people are at home so everyone is lucky no one was injured. We are thankful for that.""I looked up and was thinking he's gone, I have to go help them find him. It was scaring me," Robert Carter, a witness to the crash said."He was banked coming down this way and he started to shake to slow down and he disappeared in the tree line. I didn't see him," Carter said.He told us, he saw the wings of the small plane shaking and watched in awe as the plane crashed - merely feet away from houses."That's actually amazing he didn't hit anything else," Carter said."We are thankful no one was injured as far as his skills maybe it was his skills maybe it was luck maybe it was God who knows," Carter said. "We are glad that no one else was hurt and glad he doesn't appear to be seriously injured."The pilot was transported to a nearby hospital. The FAA will soon begin its investigation.