Neighbors upset over flyer from The United Klans of America

People in at least two neighborhoods in the Saks community received flyers from the United Klans of America. It's concerning a lot of people prompting some to call Anniston Police. "It scared me because I have small children and I don't want them to be exposed to those types of things." A bag full of rocks and a message from the United Klans of America - showed up on driveways in the Saks community of Anniston. "Keep it to yourself. We're all people, hate doesn't do anything but bring more hate." The literature has disturbed neighbors to the point that these women did not want to identify themselves. "What was the first thought after reading this? Disgust!." The flyer says Neighborhood Watch. You can sleep well tonight knowing the UKA is awake. But it also goes on to say a heart is meant to love not hate. It talks about the organization being a family, a brotherhood that will not live in the shadows anymore. But, one neighbor believes the message is sugar coated and that the klan supports racism. "I see it as littering, they threw the equivalent of trash out in our yards." The literature was dropped off in integrated neighborhoods. One neighbor plans on talking to county commissioners to see if anything can be done to keep the UKA from dropping more of these in other yards. "It saddens me, as a person in America, there is so much hate, bigotry, and bias. but I'm not surprised." ABC 33/40 contacted the phone number on the flyer and left a message with the UKA, but have not heard back. We did call Anniston police, who talked to neighbors, but no one could give us information or a comment.