Neighbors who rescued plane crash victims: "It's a miracle they survived"

A family of four traveling to Tennessee from Florida crash landed their plane in central Alabama. It happened while they were trying to make an emergency landing at the Bessemer Airport. {}The plane went down in a back yard along Shades Crest Road. Helena Investigators are telling us two neighbors saw the plane go down and pulled the four passengers to safety. The Smith Family of Dickson, Tennessee has serious injuries, but survived. Those two rescuers say it was a miracle. {}"The plane was on fire," Duane Lovelady, who helped rescue the victims said. "The wings were burned up - the gas tanks blew up."These two neighbors saw the crash and rushed over to help. {}"I just drug them out of the way of the fire," Lovelady said. "They were half way out of the plane. I grabbed them by their arms, moved them back. The man said 'get my wife out first, these are my two kids, get them out of here' and he waited last. He got his family out first."They said the family had severe burns and broken bones, but thankfully they survived."They did an exception job saving the people," Detective Chris Rollan, Helena Police said."First thing in my mind, I looked and saw they were all alive and I said it's a miracle," Ralph Watkins, who helped rescue the victims said.ABC 33/40 learned parents Danny and Sharon Smith, along with their son Andy, were all traveling from Panama City to their home in Dickson when the crash happened. The identity of a 17 year old on board has not yet been released. Neighbors in Dickson, TN say smith is a veteran and was wounded serving in the Middle East.The investigation is now in the hands of the FAA."I imagine this will be a scene for a couple days until they can transport the plane from this location to their facility," Rollan said."You can see what's left of that plane is nothing and see that those people are alive, it's a miracle," Watkins said.