New 3D imaging allows patients to see results prior to surgery

A decision to undergo any plastic surgery is a serious one. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons confirms breast augmentation is the number one requested procedure.

The biggest fear is the patient doesn't know if she will like her appearance until after the surgery is done. One Birmingham practice, Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery, now has a new tool that can allay that fear, and prevent a do-over procedure.{}{}

The 3D imaging machine is called Vectra. It shows a woman what her body will look like after the surgery. Doctors and patients agree it's about giving patients peace of mind, and the power to make informed decisions about their bodies.

"Most women, when they're beginning to think about it, are most concerned about size and how it's going to look on their bodies," said James Grotting, M.D.

Doctor Grotting has performed cosmetic surgery for almost 30 years. Until now, many women considering breast augmentation rely on "before and after" pictures from the Internet.

"But there's nothing that can substitute for seeing how various sizes would look on a woman's own body," said Grotting.{}{}{}{}

Now Vectra allows a patient to try on a new look by using 3D imaging.

So they can go into an operation like breast augmentation much better informed about what the outcome is going to look like.

Prior to ever scheduling surgery, patients undergo a scan. Vectra moves up and down the body taking pictures. A three-dimensional image is saved into a computer system. Within minutes, a patient can view several images of what her body will look like with the surgery she is considering.

More than twenty of Grotting and Cohn's patients have used the Vectra system.

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