New assessment allows researchers to determine risk for dementia

Researchers at UAB have developed a risk assessment to help determine the likelihood someone may develop dementia. {}"We can offer targets for amounts of physical activity, cholesterol levels, weight, that will lower the risk of any individual," said Dr. David Geldmacher, a neurologist at UAB.{}{}The assessment is the first of its kind. To take part, participants will go to UAB's Risk Assessment Clinic in Birmingham. {}The doctor will record family history information and other medical information about the patient. An MRI will also be conducted {}{}The patient will be brought back in for a second visit where the doctor will give them a detailed report about their risk of developing dementia.{}Geldmacher says they examine everything from blood pressure to body weight in determining one's risk.{}If you're interested in participating in the assessment, you can call 205-975-7575. The assessment costs $1,000.00.