New Barons team shop bigger and better than ever

The new Birmingham Barons Sports Depot is bigger and better than ever at Regions Field. (

The merchandise is out of the box and hitting the shelves.

Joseph Cooper, who is the director of retail sales at Regions Field, says it hasn't been an easy process.

"Having to stock a store from the ground up, not knowing what it's going to look like...not knowing what your fixtures are going to look like...yes, that can be chaotic," he said.

Chaotic, but worth it. The store is 3,000 square feet, which is six times bigger than the previous store at the stadium in Hoover.

"We've gone from having a gift shop to having a retail store outlet," he said.

It's going to have everything. Hats, cups, stuffed animals, bags, name it, it's in the store.

Cooper says his team started stocking shelves, Tuesday.

"I knew that this was what I was getting into and I couldn't wait," he said.

He says he knows, without a doubt, this new field and this new team store will be a much better experience for Barons fans.

"There's no doubt in my mind that not only the stadium, but this store is going to be ready and when the fans walk through that gate, they're going to have an experience unlike anything they have ever experienced in their life," Cooper said.

Cooper says the store will also be open on weeks when the team is out town from Wednesday through Sunday.