New BJCTA buses revealed at ribbon cutting ceremony, Wednesday

One of the new BJCTA Max buses unveiled by Birmingham City leaders Wednesday. (

It's a new day in Birmingham with a handful of new transit buses.

The cutting of the ribbon, Wednesday, signifies new opportunities for riders.

"It's an opportunity for us to build a whole new fleet," Mayor William Bell said.

So far, 11 new buses have made their way to Birmingham. Seven of them have been inspected and three of them are expected to hit the streets next week.

"I've been riding about three, four months," Early Higdon said.

It's good news for Higdon. The bus is his only means of transportation.

"I'm looking forward to [the new buses]," he said. "Because, I've gotten spoiled from the buses that we are using now."

Donald Travis is ready for the upgrades. He rides four times a week. He says new buses are exactly what the BJCTA needs.

"I think tax payers, the city of Birmingham deserve that," Travis said.

Deserve not just new...but better. The new buses will be more efficient and cost effective.

BJCTA Executive Director, Ann Dawson-August, says with every gallon of gas, the BJCTA will save $3. That's money that can and will be used elsewhere.

"In operations," Dawson-August said. "We got to put it back in operations. That's the most important thing because it gives us more ability to increase services on the street as well."

Bell says it's what it's all about...not doing a lot for a little...but, rather, doing what you can with what you have.

"For the first time, I think everybody's on the same page when it comes down to supporting transit," Bell said.

Dawson-August says three more buses are, right now, on their way from Minnesota to Birmingham.