New business moves onto Trinity campus

Birmingham and Hoover are friendly business competitors. Today, Birmingham got one up on Hoover.{}

Momentum, a technology business, left Hoover and relocated to the campus of Trinity Medical Center off Montclair Road.{}{}

Trinity soon will move from Montclair to its new facility on Highway 280.

Mayor William Bell says this move by Momentum demonstrates two powerful points. One, that Birmingham is serious about attracting technology-based businesses. And two, the city is determined the Trinity campus will not sit vacant.

Momentum CEO Bill Fox says moving from Hoover to Birmingham was a 'no brainer.'

"We wanted to move down to the city of Birmingham, closer to the business community where we have customers today, where we have a lot of future customers that we hope to add," says Fox. "It's centrally located for our employees, it's close to the airport. We're a national company with 300 employees, so being close to the airport was important."Fox tells me, the option to move onto the campus at Trinity Medical Center excited him. "To move into this Trinity facility, and to help with the revival of this location was really an important thing for us as people of Birmingham," Fox says.The new offices are located in the 880 building in the heart of the Trinity campus. Trinity Medical will change its name to Grandview Medical Center when it moves to its new facility on Highway 280 in early 2016.

But, with Trinity's departure, Fox believes there is plenty of incentive for more businesses to move on to the old campus. Fox is aimed at bringing in 'new neighbors' to the campus."We just think this is such a great part of Birmingham. (There's) reasonable rent, great parking situation. (We're) still downtown and close to everybody. So we really hope this is the start of a technology park or something like that in this area."Mayor William Bell acknowledges the city is 'committed' to this site and wants to continue the 'momentum' that Birmingham has going. "We made a commitment that we would market this area. That we would talk to companies and businesses to make sure they understood that this was still a quality location," Bell states. "Momentum is just the first of many companies that we're talking to, to make sure we keep that commitment."