New businesses find home in Gardendale

The city of Gardendale is undergoing a lot of change. New businesses and new residents are moving into the city. {}"We've been really blessed. Its been a lot of hard work," said Othell Phillips, Mayor of Gardendale.{}Census data shows the city has grown nearly 20% in the last decade. {}Mayor Phillips adds that revenue has risen every year since 2010. {}21 new businesses opened last year and another 9 opened this year.{}The city is also working on the formation of a new school system, which was approved by voters and the city council.{}People, who live and work in Gardendale, see the uptick in development and the formation of a new school district {}as good indicators of a growing and vibrant community.{}"I like it out here. I really do," said Ken Bass, who has lived in Gardendale for the last 11 years.{}" Gardendale is becoming the Hoover of the north. It [recent business development] helps the economy; more jobs are added. {}It's a win-win situation for everybody," said Todd Nicholson.{}{} {} {}{}