New E85 fueling stations in Birmingham

The city of Birmingham is now working towards making the air cleaner.

City vehicles will now be able to fill up at one of the two E85 ethanol fuel stations.

One is at the Equipment Management Facility on Sixth Avenue South and the other is at the North Public Works District Office on 27th Street North.

Ethanol is a non-toxic, renewable fuel made from crops and plant material. E85 is only for Flex-Fuel Vehicles.

The city has partnered with the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition to make this a reality. The cost was $312,642, with approximately $250,000 being provided by the ACFC with a federal reimbursement grant.

"We are proud to take continuous steps to becoming a greener city," Birmingham Mayor, William Bell said. "The E85 stations will not only help our citizens, but it will be a vital establishment to help our environment."