New Full Moon anchors a corner of progress

      Tuscaloosa City leaders helped celebrate a bigger sign of progress in Tuscaloosa.

      Full Moon, whose building was toppled by last year's storm had a ribbon cutting at its new location Monday.

      Construction workers spent most of the day making final touches.

      "We've added nachos and a bunch of new items." said Owner Brian Ahmed.{} He's excited about his restaurant's comeback.{} "We obviously wanted the best location we could find and this is by far the best location. We had a lot of help from the city."

      The famous moon now anchors the McFarland Corner that was wiped out.{} Krispy Kreme next door is just about ready.{} Across the street, asphalt is being ripped up where Full Moon use to sit.{} An apartment and commercial development is in the works for that spot.

      John McConnell, with the city's Planning office says the plan is all taking shape.{} "With the traffic changes being made to lanes on McFarland Boulevard and 15th street...Full Moon should have good exposure."

      Many people like Fran Barger are thrilled.{} "I'm so glad. We're ready for the doughnut place to come back. We really miss everything that was blown away."

      Full Moon will reopen at its new location Tuesday Morning at 10 am.