"Grapico" cupcake to debut at Dreamcakes

A new Grapico-flavored cupcake is set to debut Wednesday at Dreamcakes Bakery in Homewood.

The Buffalo Rock Company approached the bakery about making the cupcake a few months ago, says Dreamcakes owner Jan Moon. The cupcake is flavored with the soda from the inside out, it's in the cake itself, the syrup filling and the icing.{}{}{}{}

"I really feel like the final outcome is really good. When you bite into it, it really does taste like Grapico," Moon says.

The bakery made special deliveries Tuesday morning to Jefferson County Commissioners and Birmingham City Council.

The cupcakes will be available for the next two months. Moon says already they've received several pre-orders for them. The Grapico cupcake costs $3 each and $33 per dozen.

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