New grocery store coming to Cordova

© Construction of a new grocery store will begin soon on this lot in Cordova. (

It's a sense of rebirth for Cordova. A tornado demolished the downtown center on April 27th, 2011{}and the eye soars remain today. But in a few months, work is expected to begin on a new grocery store on 1st Street and some say that's definitely a step in the right direction.

The Piggly Wiggly was destroyed during the storm and people have been driving to Jasper or Sumiton for their groceries. The fire chief who is also Cordova's Disaster Recovery Coordinator, says the owner of that store is interested in the new one. The news has people looking forward to having their city back.

"For a small community, you take away a grocery store, you're taking a large anchor from your town." But a new anchor will soon bring stability back to Cordova again. Fire Chief Dean Harbison says "We received a grant through ADECA to build the store."

Bringing life back to downtown in order to make{}life easier for those who live here. "Sometimes it gets aggravating not having your own town store where you can run and get in and come home." Longtime resident Jerry Sanford is ready to see Cordova get back to the way it use to be before April 27th, 2011. "I'd love to see things get moving, my understanding is it's about to get moving."

So much destroyed, so much damage still left standing from the deadly tornado. Harbison says "Revenue for our town really died after the storm it took out most our business district."

But Harbison also says things are looking up. Change is just around the corner. "Soon we'll have all our money in to start demolishing the rest of the town so we're going see big things happen in Cordova soon. You'll see the store coming up, buildings coming down and hopefully other businesses will come in soon."

Harbison says there is a lot of community support. He says plans are being worked on to build a municipal complex.

Both the fire station and the police department were destroyed in the storm. He says there has also be approval to build two community shelters.