New ignition interlock law goes into effect Tuesday

Most states often see new laws going into place July 1st. Alabama is no exception. Tuesday will bring changes to the ignition interlock law making it easier for judges to require DUI offenders to install the device.The latest law will allow courts to force first time, convicted DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device. All it takes is a BAC of .08 percent for the judge to be able to make the decision. By installing an ignition interlock device, a driver would be able to keep his or her license.Alabama is the 21st state to pass this version of the law.In 2012, the state became the last in the US to allow courts to sentence repeat offenders, ones who injured someone or who had a higher level of alcohol in their system to install the device.The device is a breathalyzer installed in the dashboard. It requires drivers to breath into it to check for their alcohol level. If it's too high, the car's engine won't start. {}{}{}