New improvements at Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport

A newly renovated Birmingham Shuttlesworth international airport greets travelers. Representatives at the airport promise smoother transitions and more convenience.

Phase one of the 201 million dollar project is finished. The goal is to make the airport modern, comfortable, and convenient.

"It's really nice. It makes the airport a lot more inviting and welcoming. It definitely puts a better face on Birmingham," said Matthew Cleckler.{}

He grew up flying out of Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport. He and his girlfriend Cari Philen agree the changes help this airport stack{} up to the sleek, modern look of many other airports. "In 2010 I believe was the last time we flew out of here and it looks great. It's a lot brighter, a lot more inviting, and a lot easier to traverse,"Airport spokesperson Toni Harrera-Bast says the changes were made with passengers in mind. Concourse A, and a portion of concourse B opened today. With new concessions, gobbled up by hungry travelers.

The renovations also streamlined the check-in and security process. "Passengers can now check their bags right at the counter and leave them there rather than pick them up and take them over to the screening equipment," said Harrera-Bast.

Prior to the renovations, each concourse had its own checkpoint. Passengers could only enter the concourse for which they had a boarding pass. Now it's different."We have one checkpoint. So that way passengers can go through one time and actually go through concourse a and B. So if their favorite restaurant is on a and they're departing on B they can grab something to eat and then hop on the plane a leave," said Harrera-Bast.

Work for concourse C will begin in two weeks. Herrara-Bast says that should be complete by 2014. {}{}{}