New information on pastor accused of killing wife, injuring daughter

Henry Lagman, Greer's attorney. (


New information is coming out about the Gardendale minister charged with killing his wife, {}and shooting his daughter. Police say, that Terry Greer, shot his wife and their daughter, but Suzanna Greer got the gun and escaped. We spoke with Greer's attorney. Henry Lagman says that Greer had been involved in a car accident then fell off a deck and suffered a serious brain injury, which led to mental problems. He told us, that Greer was also handling problems within the church and he was set to attend counseling the day of the shooting. Lagman now wants to find people who spoke with the family that day. "I want to reach out to everyone that was Lisa's friend and Terry's friend and find out what she told people about Terry's condition because she is the one witness that will be able to tell us what was going on with Terry as only a wife can," Henry Lagman, Greer's Attorney said.Lagman plans to inspect the Greer's home on Monday with investigators.