New marketing plan - buy something and get a gun

Beginning{}this weekend, a Ford dealership has a deal it figures few of its customers would pass up. Anyone who buys a truck in the Ford F-Series will drive away with the{}pickup and an 870 Remington Express shotgun.

This dealership is in Hawley, Minnesota; however, the idea of buying something and getting a gun is not foreign to Alabama.{} Since December, a jewelry store in Clanton, has run an advertising campaign that offered customers who spent at least $2,500 a free Savage 270 rifle. A spokeswoman at Morlyns Fine Jewelry said the store has given away 15 of the rifles this year. The campaign ends today. It is the second year for the{}marketing plan{}which is considered quite successful by the store's management.{}

Earlier this week, a Republican candidate for a seat in the House of Representatives, Steve French, made this deal.{}Give his campaign contact information and be entered in a chance to win a Remington 870 shotgun or a certificate of equal value to buy a firearm.