New funding for Civil Rights Anniversary Commemoration



A vote by the Birmingham City Council clears the way for a Civil Rights commemoration in Birmingham. The council approved $300,000 for events related to the 50th anniversary events, but not all city leaders are happy with "how" the events are being planned. The second floor of Birmingham's City Hall is filled with reminders of a broken past. "Every family who participated in the movement gets a chance to tell the story of not only what was, but what is and then we have to count on the next generation to tell the story of what's next," Chuck Faush, Mayor's Chief of Staff said.This exhibit is part of an upcoming year full of events, but some city leaders aren't happy they didn't get a say in the details.."I was thinking that whatever we did, that we do it all together," Steven Hoyt, City Councilor said. "But it's an election year so I think our own personal understanding of what needs to be done takes over what is good for the masses."BUT THE MAYOR'S OFFICE TOLD US THE COUNCIL GETS A SAY IN OVER HALF OF THE ANNIVERSARY BUDGET.{}"The Mayor talked very early on {}- not his plan, not the council's plan, not even the city's plan, it is in fact, the movement that changed the world," Faush said. "This belongs to everyone - not only 50 years ago, but every day since."The commemoration will be paid for through a mix of both private and public funding."I think the real issue here is how do you empower our children, our people in this community," Hoyt said.Part of the cash will help finance two new monuments in Kelly Ingram Park: one, remembering the four girls who died in the bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church. The other, will honor Foot Soldiers of the movement."The hope is that two questions will be answered - What does Birmingham think of itself? And then what does the world think of Birmingham?" Faush said.Here is the link to the Anniversary website:{}




The Birmingham Budget and Finance Committee passes money for the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement Commemoration.

Members of the committee approved $300,000 for the Anniversary plus two new memorials. $250,000 will go towards planning various events throughout 2013. And $50,000 will help pay for two new memorials in Kelly Ingram Park. One will be a memorial to the four girls killed in the {}bombing of 16th Street Baptist Church. The other will remember Civil Rights Foot Soldiers.{}

The Chief of Staff for Mayor William Bell told us, every week throughout 2013 is packed with events and educational opportunities. A traveling exhibit will tour much of the Southeast as well as big cities across the country.{}

But not all city councilors are happy with the way the Anniversary is being planned. {}We'll have more on our news at 10pm.