New Montessori academy to open this fall

Greystone Montessori Academy will begin welcoming students at its picturesque thirteen-acre campus starting this fall. The new school will be located on Highway 119, just east of US 280, on Cahaba Valley Road, near the Brook Highlands and Greystone neighborhoods. The school will be the only one in the region providing a comprehensive Montessori education in grades through high school.

Executive Director, Melinda Bray, Ed.D. says "The school will be a wonderful choice for parents who desire their children to flourish in their ability to think critically and creatively; work cooperatively and independently; and respect themselves, others, and the environment."

Greystone Montessori's educational practices are built around the idea that children are born with the need to explore and discover and with the strong desire to learn. And educators should allow them to explore their interests from an early age.

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