New patient monitoring technology at Trinity Medical Ctr.


Trinity Medical Center now has more technology to keep the community safe. {}Monday, the hospital announced the installation of Masimo Patient SafetyNet™ to support clinicians in their work to monitor special patient conditions. The new technology tracks the underlying physiological conditions of specific, high-risk patients and detects changes and abnormalities that signal declining health status in real time.Trinity says when the patient's condition deteriorates, the system automatically sends wireless alerts directly to clinicians - prompting a potentially lifesaving response to the patient's bedside. The system consists of pulse oximetry, patient-tolerant and easy-to-use ventilation monitoring, and remote monitoring and notification to keep clinicians connected to patients.{}"Incorporating new technologies plays a key role in nurturing our culture of patient safety," said Keith Granger, President and CEO of Trinity Medical Center. {}"Our clinicians are finding this equipment to be a valuable tool as we work to continue to improve patient care."