New poll shows Palmer ahead in District 6 race

If a new, independent poll is to be believed, the lead has switched big time in the runoff race for the republican sixth congressional district seat.{}

Paul DeMarco went into the runoff well ahead of Gary Palmer. But now, a poll by Cygnal, a firm out of Montgomery and Washington, D.C. shows Palmer with a commanding 30 point lead over DeMarco.Both agree the only poll that matters is the one on Tuesday. Palmer says he is more concerned with the potential for low voter turnout. DeMarco believes that it has more ties to Washington than to Alabama voters. "He's got support from Washington, D.C. We don't find that credible. Our support is from the people of the sixth congressional district," says DeMarco.He says, he's not letting any polls dictate his campaign.{}"We've worked hard to get throughout this great district, meeting great people, gaining support. We feel really positive going in to July 15." DeMarco believes this election will be much closer than this poll shows.{} "We believe this will be a close election and that's why were are working one vote at a time."

Gary Palmer says he doesn't want to put too much trust in the poll that has him up 30 points over DeMarco. "A{}poll is a snapshot in time," says Palmer.{}"We're running like we're five points behind. So, there's not going to be winning with a field goal, we've got to score."Palmer believes the attitude of voters has changed since the primary election June{}3."I{}think, frankly, a lot of people were surprised that{}I made the runoff, but now it's different. People see me as 'okay this guy has a chance to win.' They like the message, it's positive."Palmer says he is disappointed with the DeMarco camp for running what he calls 'false campaign ads' that provide 'half quotes.'{}"My attitude has been, if{}I win this election,{}I want to win based on my message and my credentials. And not try to tear somebody else down, and I think that's resonated with people."{}DeMarco stands by the ads. "There's a difference between my opponent and I about tax increases, he's made some statements supporting tax increases,{}I don't."{}Now, it will be up to the voters on Tuesday. Demarco says,{}"(Voters) know me, they know I will work hard to serve this district.""There's only one poll that counts and that will be the poll on Tuesday that closes at seven o'clock."Voter turnout for the runoff election is predicted to be low, somewhere between five and 12 percent.{} The final run-off candidate forum will take place tonight from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Hoover Tactical Firearms on Highway 31, doors open at 5:30 PM.DeMarco's campaign office says he will be out of town tonight for a previously scheduled event.