UPDATE: Alumni group raises concerns over turnovers of principals at Parker High

For the fourth time in six years--Birmingham's Parker High School will have a new principal for the upcoming school year. Cedric Tatum has been re-assigned to Hayes K-8 School after just three years at the school.

Tatum spoke with ABC 33/40 Thursday about his departure:

"I'm excited. I'm looking forward to the opportunity of working in Woodlawn. I'm excited about the opportunity. I've enjoyed my time at Parker, and, hopefully, we have done things that will be extended and make a difference for students," Tatum says.

Tatum admits he has been at odds with teachers and parents over various issues at Parker High School. It has been reported that there were disagreements over{}the way student conduct{}was handled at the school.{}{} But{}Tatum contends those differences did not play a role in his decision to leave the school.

A teacher at Parker High School sent ABC 33/40 a text, she says, Dr. Cedric Tatum sent at 11:26 a.m. Thursday{}to his faculty:

"Good morning everyone. As you may know I've been reassigned to Hayes K-8. I applied for the position a few weeks ago and the appointment was made on Tuesday night.{}I{}believe Hayes to be a unique opportunity, as it has received a school improvement grant and is part of the new Woodlawn initiative. Though I{}should direct any questions for the new year to Mr. Hudson, your new Administrator, I hope the cohesiveness we began to develop continues under his leadership. I will miss working with most of you and will miss the challenge others provided. Most of all, I will miss the students. I am hear if you need anything.

Sincerely, Mr. T.

[I] have enjoyed my work at Parker, I am excited about what lies ahead. I will be closing out your Ed. AL next week and clearing up any grading issues."

*Tatum confirms with ABC 33/40 he did send out a mass text message to his faculty Thursday morning.


The vice president of the Parker High School Foundation Roderick Rox is upset about the entire situation. Rox says Tatum has made great improvements at the school, including re-instating the National Honor Society last spring.

Rox also says the school's football coach George Bates is also leaving Parker. At this time--ABC 33/40 has only confirmed Tatum's departure. Rox says parents fear the inconsistency in leadership will hurt students.

Darrell Hudson--the principal of Carver High School--will become Parker High school's new principal. Hudson begins July 1.

A Birmingham City Schools spokesperson says Joseph Martin served as principal{}of Parker High{}School{}from 2002 to 2009 before retiring.