New safety measures for Alabaster City Schools

School security goes digital - an app and website are letting students report danger anonymously. Alabaster City Schools is putting several security measures in place hoping to prevent on-campus crime or intruders. The alert system is just one of many new security techniques at the newly-formed Alabaster school district. Including school resource officers on each campus and monitoring devices at each campus entrance. Telling the teacher or walking to the principal's office was never easy. But thanks to a new app and website, students are able to anonymously report problems on campus. "We have some students who will make that walk, will come in and provide that information but this will allow us to tap into some information and some preventive measure we might not have ever found out about," Dr. Wayne Vickers, Superintendent, Alabaster City Schools said."I think it's a really good idea because there are many students who want to tell about things going on a school but they don't want to have their identity or reputation ruined among their friends," Sam Ardovino, a Thompson High senior said.It's called Anonymous Alerts. {}It allows students to {}immediately report {}to school administrators."They're all about their phones, their iPads, and we wanted to make sure they have an avenue to share with us without having the fear of being identified," Vickers said.We asked our Facebook friends and found several concerned that it won't work, {}but overall most seemed to think it's a good idea. It's not the district's only new security measure..."It's a doorbell system," Vickers said. "You ring the door bell and we have a camera that's attached and you have to provide some type of identification."The camera system is in place at all Alabaster schools recording the face and identification of everyone who walks in. {}In addition to that officers are on each campus."That relationship may mean a tip or a preventive measure that can be placed that will help someone or keep someone from being harmed," Vickers said."It makes us feel safer that people have to be checked before they come into our school," Ardovino said.There will also be campus security training for all students, faculty and staff. {}The school system will begin using the program next semester. {}It will cost about $2,000 each year, {}but the superintendent says it's well worth it in preventing violence.