New synthetic drug puts schools and families on alert

A new designer drug may be more dangerous than the drugs it imitates. A new product causing high energy, euphoria, and nausea is putting Alabama schools and parents on alert. {}The party drug called 2CI's street name is "Smiles." {}It made headlines after being linked to the death of actor Johnny Lewis."I am fascinated by the creativity that is out there and that it could be so easily hand readily available to my child," Amy Luther, a Hoover parent said. "It's very frightening."The newest - in a long line of synthetic drugs is up for sale."Our kids are growing up in a very toxic culture," Carissa Anthony, Coordinator, Hoover Coalition said.The Drug Enforcement Agency in Birmingham tells us, 2CI - or Smiles - hasn't made it to central Alabama yet{}and groups like the Hoover Coalition are hoping to get the message out before it does.{}As new designer drugs go on the market, emails go out warning schools and families."It's just scary because it wasn't in that form or package when I was a teenager," Luther said."It would interfere with so many things that I like doing, like playing tennis for Spain Park or doing good in school, or hanging out with friends. It would interfere with all of that," Madison Luther, a high school senior said.{}Alabama treatment groups are finding a rise in all types of synthetic drug users, and the forms are almost unrecognizable even hidden in pieces of chocolate."They're spraying this chemical on stuff that looks like grass clippings, they're spraying it on stuff that looks like hedge clippings, it looks different," Anthony said. "If I saw that in my child's room, I'm not sure that I would know what I was looking at."22 year old Tyler McNutt told us, he's even lost a friend to the dangerous drugs - a story that helped him make a different choice."I don't agree with it," he said. "It's not something that I would choose to do, it's definitely not something that I need. I think that if we had more things to do, more entertainment for our young people, we would have a lot {}more things to look forward to than sitting at home doing these types of things.""I just don't see how the feeling could ever outweigh the consequences," Luther said.