New transit facility coming to Birmingham

Birmingham will soon combine local mass transit with transportation linking the Magic city to other cities. Mayor William Bell announced plans to build a new intermodal facility. It's part of a commitment to make the city a more livable place.Public transportation in Birmingham will soon merge into one place. The city has a plan that will change the face of the BJCTA Max Public Transit System. Mayor William Bell says "This will transfer some of the excitement that has been created by Railroad Park to the North side of the railroad track by giving new amenities."

Mayor Bell says they can now move forward on building an intermodal facility next Summer to accommodate a broader range of people. When you step off a bus, you will have access to a plaza and a food court. You can also grab a ride on a Greyhound Bus or the Amtrak.Max rider Larry Coleman says "There will be train, bus, everything here? That sounds fabulous."Mayor Bell says it's cheaper to build a new 45-thousand square foot than remodeling the old one. It will incorporate a modern look for people who visit the area, especially by train.{} "If anybody has traveled by train, you realize it's a hole in the wall you have to walk through to get access to trains there."BJCTA Chairman Joyce Brooks says the plan goes along with their vision of the future of transit and will also create a financial boost. "Through this project, by having Amtrak and Greyhound as tenants in this building, that will be a great revenue stream for our organization."

The project will also expand the Max fleet, making riders like Lisonya Fultz happy. "Makes me feel a lot better because everywhere else, buses are better besides Birmingham, so I think it will be an excellent idea."Bell hopes the new facility will encourage public transportation and mass transportation to fuel more growth.The project will cost 29-million dollars. The Federal Transit Administration will contribute 23-million dollars for the project. Six million dollars will come from city bond revenues.