Homewood Police Chief: "Inconsistencies in interviews" kept Shahan as suspect

A news conference Thursday revealed limited details in the July killing of a pastor's wife in Homewood.

"It does remain an ongoing investigation," said Homewood Police Chief Jim Roberson. "It will until the trial and until the conclusion of that trial."

Karen Shahan's husband, Rev. Richard Shahan, was arrested for the murder of his wife by Homeland Security ICE agents at the Nashville airport while he was attempting to board a plane to Germany New Year's Day. Authorities said Shahan was attempting to flee the country to Russia.

The murder warrant was issued Dec. 31.

The body of Shahan's wife, Karen, was found in the couple's Hugh Circle house July 23. Rev. Shahan was questioned but released.

"Once he got over into Germany and ultimately into Russia, the chances of extraditing him are pretty nil," said Roberson. "If we can't get Snowden back, we probably couldn't get him back either."

Roberson said certain inconsistencies in interviews kept leading them back to Shahan as a suspect.

He is being held in the Davidson County Jail in Tennessee awaiting an extradition hearing Jan. 17.