Nick Saban and crew play golf for charity!

What a great morning at the Regions Charity Classic.... I got a chance to follow Nick Saban, Mal Moore, Fuzzy Zoeller, Cornelius Bennett, Steve Hudson former University of Alabama golfer and many more celebs. Nick Saban was a solid golfer. He seemed to get down to business and was a straight hitter. Mal Moore had some wonderful shots despite the extremely undulating terrain. Mal Moore hit a putt on the ninth hole that made the crowd cheer. While the golf and celebrity spotting was the number one activity among the gallery today, there was also another fine reason to support the tournament... Children's Hospital. I spotted a Champions Tour golfer bend down to talk to a little boy. He got on his knees to talk to the child. As the golfer tried to get up, as a fellow bum knee survivor, I could tell his knee popped in a painful way. But he smiled, and stretched and made it work so he could tee off on the next hole. The Champions Tour has a bigger place in my heart after seeing such a tall man bend down despite the risk of his knee going out. He was a tall man, but in my mind he was even taller today. After all that's why there's all the fuss, the money will go to help Alabama charities and one that is close to my heart, Children's Hospital. Thank you to the people working to make this tournament a success and working so hard for the children who need a helping hand.