Nick Saban blasts the media over lack of respect for Western Kentucky

Alabama head coach Nick Saban made it very clear today at his post-practice press conference that he isn't happy with the lack of respect the media has shown his upcoming opponent, Western Kentucky.

"It's not fair to their players, who work hard to earn [respect]." Saban said.{} "It's not fair to our players, who need to respect them.{} And for y'all to make presumptions, like you all make, really, really upsets me."

Since their victory over Michigan, Saban's team has been propped up by the media as college football's team of the century, and it is not sitting well with their coach.

"There is so many more good things that you could write about that is happening around here, that people would be interested in."{} Saban said.{} "I'd love to see some of you do a little bit of research and figure it out.{} It would really do my heart good."

He followed that up by saying it was "hard work around [Tuscaloosa]" to keep his players level-headed and humble.

"We win one game, and I can't believe what gets written." Saban said.{} "You know we did play two times in these neutral site games before, and we played horrible the next week because a lot of the same stuff happened. A lot of the same kind of stuff happened."

Saban was referring to the 2008 and 2009 openers in Atlanta against Clemson and Virginia Tech respectively.{} Alabama cruised by both teams and became a media darling, only to find themselves the following week playing uninspired and struggling against weaker opponents.{}

Saban thinks his team may be following that same path this year.

"Based on the way we practiced, and the way our attitude is around here, and what gets written about what's going on and how everyone thinks, I would question if that is happening or not.{} I'm not a real happy camper right now."