Nick Saban holds final BCS news conference (video)

Nick Saban said on Sunday he wasn't tired of meeting the media this week in South Florida. This picture tells a different story. (

Alabama head coach Nick Saban addressed the media for the final time on Sunday before Monday night's BCS National Championship game.

Saban answered 18 questions from the mass of reporters in attendance. When asked if he was tired of meeting with reporters this week, the Crimson Tide coach smiled for several moments before giving his answer.

"No, not at all." Saban said before elaborating.

"You know, I'm probably misunderstood a little when it comes to media. I really do respect what the media does for our game in terms of the interest you create, with the interest that you have in your coverage and creating a lot of news stories that people are interested in, which really promotes our game.

"I really appreciate what the media does and the self-gratification in a positive way that you create for the players who work hard to play the game. So I really have a lot of appreciation for that.

"But I guess where I get a little misunderstood is I'm a little old-school in how I've tried to protect our team from -- to stay focused on what they need to do and how what you do can affect how they think and their ability to focus on what they need to do to be successful.

"So I think there's some kind of a disconnect that occurs sometimes between what you think I think and what I really think."

Click here to read the complete transcript of Saban's BCS news conference on Sunday.