Nick Saban responds to NCAA's decision to lift text message rule

Alabama coach Nick Saban said that the NCAA's decision to allow coaches unlimited contact with recruits through text messages and social media will give his counterparts more opportunities to flip Alabama commitments. (

Alabama head coach Nick Saban was in attendance for Senior Bowl practice on Tuesday, and he was asked about the recent decision by the NCAA to deregulate the number of text messages schools can exchange with prospective athletes.

"I think it's a fine line between how much you need to communicate to be effective in doing it, how much attention someone really needs to get and when it should start," Saban said.

With the rule change, coaches are now allowed to contact prospects through text messages or social media without limitations, and Saban feels that this may open up the flood gates for his coaching counterparts to begin their attempt to lure prospects already committed to Alabama away from the perennial BCS title contender.

"I'm not concerned with recruiting the next player, I'm concerned with the guys we've already recruited." Saban said.

Saban, the constant student of mental behavioral patterns, is all too familiar with the indecisiveness of a teen-aged recruit, and he feels the rule change will only cause more confusion for prospective players at Alabama.

While his concerns may be valid, nobody is feeling sorry for the coach that possesses $120,000 in BCS crystal, which is one recruiting advantage that the NCAA can't regulate despite its continued efforts to level the FBS playing field.