Nick Saban looks to avoid 'I told you so' game against Ole Miss

Nick Saban remembers all too well why former Florida Gators' quarterback Tim Tebow had to make his famous speech in 2008.

"Guess what? Guess who? Guess when? Somebody beat them. At home, in their place and then there was the famous speech," Saban said in his Wednesday press conference.

That somebody?{} Alabama's next opponent -- the Ole Miss Rebels.

Tebow, whose speech is now etched in stone outside Florida's Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, had to experience a letdown that season before leading his team to a national championship.{}

Saban doesn't want his team to fall into the same trap on Saturday night.

"Do you have to have an 'I told you so' game and does somebody have to give that speech for you to do what you need to do to realize what's at stake?" Saban asked rhetorically.

Alabama tight end Michael Williams answered his question anyway.

We don't have to have something bad happen for something to wake us up," Williams said. "We're very aware of that speech and how everything happened there. We're going to come out and play 60 minutes."

While this is a far different Ole Miss team than the one Florida lost to four years ago, the Crimson Tide knows on any given Saturday in the SEC, a loss is always possible.

"I think this is a game that should be all about what we have at stake." Saban said. "This is the most important game in our season because it's the game we play this week."

At stake in this game and every game moving forward is a shot at an SEC Championship which Alabama has not won since 2009.{} Not to mention a chance for back-to-back national championships.