Nick Saban's latest recruiting pitch at Alabama: $51,810,000

Alabama football's latest recruiting pitch to high school football recruits. (Alabama Athletics)

Nick Saban's back-to-back BCS National Championships is quite the feat in this day and age of big-time college football, and the source of those titles and one other since 2009 has been his current streak of three consecutive recruiting "championships" in Tuscaloosa.

So suffice to say that Saban is in no need of assistance when it comes to luring 5-star talent to the Capstone, but the best coach in college football doesn't get to the mountain top of recruiting year in and year out by wasting perfectly good opportunities. And this year is no different.

Case in point:{} The Crimson Tide's latest pitch to high school football stars around the country.

It's clear, concise and to the point, just like the head coach himself. Placed over a background of NFL checks made out to Alabama's nine draft picks selected in this year's draft is one large number amount.


Translation:{} Those one-time high school recruits and former Crimson Tide standouts drafted in April are now cashing in on their football talent as NFL rookies, combining to ink 4-year contracts worth a total of $51,810,000.

The message to recruits:{} Come to Alabama. We'll make you rich one day.

The worst part about it for other coaches around the country? It's true.

The process does pay off.