Matters of Faith 6-13 Nick's Kids are big winners!

The University of Alabama has a winning team... of course we know football, gymnastics... and now softball are big winners....

but there's another team at UA.... that is scoring big... with kids.

it's the nick's kids team...

Nick and Terry Saban are are at the helm... and they too create a winning team....

Recently I got a chance to spend the day with the Sabans... and found out that Nicks Kids organization is changing lives.

Terry Saban helped found Nick's Kids. She says of her husband. " Nick is so gracious every year 4 or 5 needy children could lose hope... and they don't lose hope and they wish they can come to practice."

A little money and a lot of kindness makes a world of difference to Nick's Kids.

Terri Saban says the charity... is a result of their faith.

It's is a part of giving back.

Terry Saban says, "Your whole value system is based on your faith... what you make in life and the Christian principals you grew up with.

The older you get the clearer it becomes."

While Terry gives her husband credit... for a winning charity... he also gives kudos to her.

Nick Saban says, "Terry does a great job with the ladies and I do a great job with the men."

{}He hosts the golfers and she host... a day with the ladies.... of fashion shopping and more.

But both Nick and Terry Saban credit their fathers for the generational blessing of helping children.


" Nick's dad great example ... Pop Warner Coach.. didn't have much my dad was a coal minor great example for us.... on tombstone... no man stands as tall as he who stoops to help a child."

Nick. "it's about my Dad........ and legacy when he started Pop Warner football.

{}So on this day that started with a golf outing at Old Overton... and a fashion show for the ladies.... at Saks Fifth Avenue, which included shopping.

.Shopping for a good cause..... 10 percent of the sales goes to Nicks Kids."

The tradition of giving back... and inspiring others to do the same continues...

with a huge check for a 14th habitat house for tornado victims.

Bob Johnson from Habitat for Humanity says, "They lost everything."

The money raised goes to help children in need.

Money donated from others and from Nick himself... everything from the blind side movie to truck commercials to speaking engagements... goes to help children.

To donate to Nick's Kids you can go to www.nicks