Nine Alabama areas to receive disaster grants and loans for tornado relief

Governor Robert Bentley announced{}Wednesday more than $15.7 million that will be awarded to nine local governments as they continue their long-term recovery from the April 2011 tornadoes.

The funding will meet community-specific needs. For example, one grant will help with downtown revitalization in Hackleburg. Another will help with site preparation and construction to help attract a new grocery store to Cordova, which lost its only grocery store in the tornado outbreak. In all, there are 19 funding awards among nine local governments.

Those receiving awards and the totals are:

  • Cordova: $1,392,613
  • DeKalb County: $950,000
  • Franklin County: $125,000
  • Hackleburg: $4,788,921
  • Marion County: $300,000
  • Moulton: $375,000
  • Phil Campbell: $2,450,000
  • Tuscaloosa (city): $3,470,000
  • Tuscaloosa County - Holt Community: $1,900,000

The $15,751,534 in total awards is funded by a special allocation Alabama secured from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Amounts and Uses of CDBG Disaster Grants and Loans Walker County (Cordova)

$1,392,613 for site preparation and construction of a grocery store

TOTAL- $1,392,613

DeKalb County

$950,000 for road improvements

TOTAL - $950,000

Franklin County

$125,000 for a new fire station in the East Franklin Community

TOTAL - $125,000


$398,921 for street improvements

$200,000 for water facilities

$1,190,000 for sewer facilities, sidewalks,

$2,100,000 for downtown revitalization (i.e. land acquisition, infrastructure, etc.)

$250,000 loan for economic development

$300,000 to the Housing Authority

$350,000 to the Community Action Partnership of North Alabama

TOTAL - $4,788,921

Marion County

$300,000 for debris removal

TOTAL - $300,000


$375,000 for a fire station

TOTAL - $375,000

Phil Campbell

$1,600,000 for sewer and streets

$250,000 loan for economic development

$600,000 for Community Action Partnership of North Alabama

TOTAL - $2,450,000

Tuscaloosa (City)

$500,000 loan for economic development (business relocation)

$2,970,000 (Multi-family housing) for repairs and rebuilding of affordable housing for senior citizens at Rosa Gardens, Hurricane Creek and Rosedale areas.

TOTAL- $3,470,000

Tuscaloosa County

$300,000 for street improvements

$1,600,000 for sewer

TOTAL - $1,900,000

OVERALL TOTAL: $15,751,534