Nine-year-old saves dad's life, gets honored by City Council

His favorite food is chicken. His favorite color is blue. His hero is his father.

Connor Renfroe, like most nine-year-olds, is innocent.

But he's also...oblivious.

"I have no idea," he said.

Who could blame him? Why would a nine-year-old be at the Northport City Council meeting, Monday night?

He knows why. He just doesn't know it.

"All the sudden, he blacked out and he hit the floor and started shaking," Renfroe said.

Thursday, Jan. 30, Connor was home alone with his father, Bo, when his dad fell. Renfroe says he was scared at first, but then calmed down. He ran next door to his cousin's house where they called 911.

"The next thing I remember is looking out of the back of the ambulance," Bo Renfroe said.

Bo doesn't remember any of it.

All he knew was that he was being rushed to the hospital, where he would later make a full recovery. His wife later filled him on what happened...and who saved him.

"I don't really get how it saved his life," Connor said. "But, when my mom told me if I would have just stood there and left him shaking...he would have died."

"It's hard to grasp it," Bo said. "Just how proud I am. He's told me before that I was his hero with the different stuff that we do and everything...but now, it's gotten turned around."

A hero who deserves recognition.

And Monday night he got it.

"I do hereby proclaim today, Monday, February 17, 2014, to be Connor Renfroe Day in the city of Northport," Mayor Bobby Herndon, said.

His very own day. Connor was also given an accommodation award from the Northport Fire Department.

"It means a lot," Connor said. "I feel good about it."

He's nine. He doesn't care about his favorite food or favorite color. He cares about his dad and being with him and playing baseball and working on race cars.

And because of Connor's actions he'll be able to do that for years to come.