Fire destroys multiple mobile homes on Lake Logan Martin in St. Clair County (raw video)

Charred remains of a mobile home that was destroyed by fire Friday night on Lake Logan Martin in Cropwell, Alabama. (

Several mobile homes were destroyed by fire near Lake Logan Martin. Investigators are trying to figure out what started the blaze.

Bob Bentel who lives right next door describes what he saw. "You couldn't get no where near it, it was extremely hot."Bentel stepped into action, trying to help put out the fire. "I knocked the window out with this rock and started putting water to it, but that thing burned so fast, a water hose wasn't going to do a bit of good."Within minutes the fire spread from this trailer to four others surrounding it. Skylar Cayton says she won't forget the sight of the blaze. "It was horrible, when you think of a forest fire, that's what it looked like. The water looked like it was on fire. All could see was the campers going up in flames," she says.Terry Haynes, fire chief of New London, says the call came in just before 10 o'clock Friday night.There have been some reports that there was some arguing heard before the fire started."What we think is that someone got in an argument, they burnt some clothes and it just spread," said Haynes.The St. Clair county sheriff's office has not confirmed those reports. Only one of the campers had occupants home at the time.

No one was injured.

The state fire marshals office will conduct its investigation beginning Monday.