No reply? Pew survey finds responses aren't timely enough

These days, there are more ways than ever to reach to people: e-mail, text, calls, voice mail - or a post to a social networking site. So, what to do if the person we're trying to reach out to isn't reaching back?

Back in the day, you could blame the postal carrier or a bad connection. But what if a person refuses to respond to any attempts to contact them? Is it a snub? It's a question that's getting the attention of researchers.

The Pew Internet & American Life Project says 39% of cell phone owners say people they know complain because they don't return calls or texts as quickly as expected. And a third of cell users have been told they need to check their phones more often.

The research says while a lack of response may be evidence of a snub, in most cases, people simply choose the wrong way to reach someone. For example, some people might jump on each text or e-mail message they get - but may rarely check their voicemail at work or log on to Facebook.