No 'Salvation Army' Thanksgiving meals in Tuscaloosa

{}{}{} This Thanksgiving will be quite different for the homeless and needy in Tuscaloosa.{} The Salvation Army which usually provides a warm holiday meal won't be able to do it this year.{} Its building was destroyed by a tornado last year.{} The organization fed on-site last Thanksgiving, but organizers with the group say a mobile trailer that was used is not available this time.

{}{} Meanwhile, the community soup bowls and Chuck's Fish restaurant are preparing enough to pick up the slack.

{}{} "The Salvation Army has always given out Thanksgiving meals just a few blocks from here," said manager Amy Grinstead.

{}{}{} The cooler at the Community Soup Bowl is packed with pre-cooked Thanksgiving{} dishes.{} It plans to serve the public twice this week...on both Tuesday and Thursday. Grinstead says the Tuesday meal will be "a scaled back Thanksgiving dinner".

{}{}{} However, both days could be packed at the soup kitchen.{} Its normal daily-demand has increased dramatically since the storm last year. "Steadily been increasing...we've gone from just under 200 plates a day to about 230 plates a day," explained Grinstead.

{}{}{} Lots of people, including Steve Cooper plan to rely on the soup bowl for Thanksgiving. "All the people I know that usually have Thanksgiving get together are out of town...So, this is kind of my home away from home," he said.