No texting and driving: Pickens County High School

{}Pickens County High School Senior Hannah Windle{}understands that texting and driving is a bad combination.{}However, many of her peers don't.

"it's not safe for anybody," said Windle. "I just don't think I should be in that situation."

Assistant Principal Michael Tilford said, "A lot of our students are tied to their cell phones and they are constantly texting. They don't really understand their own mortality and they don't understand that taking your eyes off the road for just a second can result in something tragic."

It is{}a deadly habit Tilford hopes his teenage students and adults in Reform will break, before its too late.

"We may think that just because we have more experience behind the wheel that we can text and drive but the fact is we can't," said Tilford.

{}Reform Police Chief Richard Black said there is no excuse, "you are not paying attention to the road, nor are you looking at the road while you are doing it."

Chief Black hopes to see a tougher law in Alabama's future, one that bans cell phone use in cars all together.

"The law would have been much more effective and saved many more lives had it been no hand held devices used while you are driving. There really is no safe way to use them," said Black.

That's why there is no leniency for driver's caught breaking the law.

" If an officer stops you for texting and driving, we are not giving any warnings for that," said Black.

A{}costly reminder that whatever you have to say can wait.

"It's not worth your life or your neighbors life. You have to think about your family because they are the ones that have to deal with it if you kill yourself texting and driving," said Black.