Northern Beltline project starts Monday

A huge road project that's been in discussion for decades begins Monday near Pinson.

ALDOT crews will start clearing 3 acres just north of Pinson for the first phase of the Northern Beltline. The entire project consists of a 52 mile multi lane Highway, connecting interstate 20/59 near Bessemer to I-59 in Northeastern Jefferson County.

It's expected to generate thousands of jobs and create more economic development.

ALDOT Engineer, Brian Davis,{}says "This will give{}them a cross regional access to the Northern part of Jefferson County, to spur economical development, Yes, but a lot of that movement will stay in the county without having to travel South to some arterial to make an East West Migration."

The Black Warrior RiverKeeper issued a statement saying. "Litigation continues and we continue to oppose this 5 billion 445-million dollar threat to waterways and taxpayers."

The first phase of the Beltline is expected to be completed by April 2016.