Northport boy to receive commendation

9 year old Conner Renfroe will receive a special honor, for showing traits of a hero with his quick action. For his "Courage Under Fire" Northport Fire Rescue Interim Fire Chief Bart Marshall will recognize Conner, Monday, February 17th during the Northport City Council Meeting, by awarding him a Fire Chief's Commendation. Mayor Bobby Herndon will also recognize Conner during this meeting.

Connor was at home in the Forrest Glen subdivision with his dad, Robert "Bo" Renfroe Thursday, January 30th. His dad became ill started and was unable to call 911. Connor realized the seriousness of the situation and immediately knew what to do. He ran across the street and asked his neighbor to call 911 and summons help for his dad. He then went back and stayed with his dad until help arrived. Bo Renfroe was transported to DCH where he received treatment and eventually was able to go home.

Northport leaders say Connor did a great job and is an ideal example to show other kids the importance of calling 911 in an emergency.