Northport Fire & Rescue get more than a treat to help save animals

{}{}{} When Northport fire fighters find animals trapped in fires, they now have a{}better chance of saving the animals' lives.

{}{}{}{}The 'Invisible Fence' organization through its 'Breathe Easier' Program donated six pet oxygen kits to Northport's Fire department.

"What a lot of people don't realize is -- thought its not a statistic rarely kept by the U.S. Fire Administration, nearly 150,000 pets are estimated to die each year in residential fires," said spokesperson Jason Norris.

{}{}{} First responders tested the pet masks on Haley Honeycutt's dog 'Milo' Monday.{} But, she's the one really breathing easier. "I've heard stories about animals being pulled from house fires.{} As humans we know, we need to get out.{} Animals - when they're afraid they think go hide."

{}{}{}{} Each kit contains three different sized masks and a leash just in-case fire fighters need to restrain the animal.

{}{}{}{}{} The six kits are enough to put on every emergency vehicle Northport Fire & Rescue has.

{}{}{}{}{} Norris says they are just thrilled to have them.{} "A lot of times animals are someone's child to them.{} So if its important to them -- its important to us as well."