Northport to consider speed tables for 30th Avenue

{}{}{}{} People who live and work along 30th Avenue in Northport say you might as well call it Speed Street.{} Monday, our cameras caught several cars driving well over the speed limit.{} And just before our interview, Northport Councilman Jay Logan had to yell "Watch Out" to some children about to cross the road in front of a fast moving vehicle.

{}{}{}{} "The road doesn't have any sidewalk to begin with except for the West Circle side."

{}{}{}{} Logan is pushing for speed tables to help slow down cars passing by the West Circle Housing Development.

{}{}{}{} Through out the day either children are crossing or playing on side of the road.

{}{}{}{} "Cars just be flying," said Wayne Hall.{} He says he's seen lots of close calls where children could have gotten hit. "Especially during school time. Kids be dodging cars. They act like they don't want to stop for the busses sometimes."

{}{}{}{}{} The city has put up a speedometer to track and study the pace of traffic on 30th Avenue.

{}{}{}{}{} Although opponents would not go on camera some tell ABC 33/40 they believe speed tables in hat area could slow down Emergency response times .

{}{}{}{} Councilman Logan says, "Other ideas, maybe traffic stop signs...but when you talk to majority of residents in this community they're wanting speed tables.

{}{}{}{} Those who support the installation of speed tables have already drawn lines of where they'd like to see the traffic calming devices placed.{} Councilman Logan says it will boil down to what is safer for the children.{} "That's paramount. You want that. And then you want to make sure citizens are being taken at a disadvantage if response times are slowed. What's the perfect solution? I don't think there is one. But, the best thing is listen to the needs of the community."